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Know Your Glory
10 March, 2020
It is largely known fact that most of the Hindus do not know their history. It is under valued and in most cases, people do feel shameful to associate themselves as Hindus. There are several reasons that contribute to this alarming position where a practicing Hindu no longer claims himself as a Hindu.

Hate speech and false narratives were added on the glorious past of the Hindus in a very systematic way. Those who attack Hinduism often have better knowledge of the history and exploit the ignorance of Hindus by using the same techniques again, with different technology.History of Hinduism is, in many ways, far richer than the present. Learning the history is not just learning facts or who killed who. It is about exploring your culture, your heritage, where you come from, who were your ancestors, their richness, glories, values and tradition. The knowledge about greatness of your lineage largely impacts on how you hold yourself. Knowing your glorious lineage makes your vision and goals in life will be larger. Your possibilities expand and you become a better human or rather you realise you are a divine manifestation.To rebuild your identity by the knowledge of the glorious lineage, KAILASA’s Pontifical Council for Education presents a handbook throwing light on glorious history of KAILASA, the greatest enlightened civilization. The glorious achievements of four strong pillars of the enlightenment civilization such as sanyas monastic order, Temples (Place of worship), Gurukuls (residential schools) and libraries (knowledge repositories) are detailed out.

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