Department of Education
01 November, 2021

The history of Hinduism is the most valuable treasure for civilizations to come as well as humanity. Hinduism is advanced in every field known to society, such as but not limited to science, poetry, medicine, law and justice, arts, business, literature, grammar, mathematics, philosophy, the ancient science of power manifestation, and ultimately the spiritual truths of the Self, that were lived and practiced by our ancestors. Ancient Hindus showcased extreme resilience and continued to protect these scriptural truths and sacred sciences despite countless invasions and attacks, solely for the next generation to learn, live and practice these great truths. Over the last few centuries, much of the sacred knowledge, education system, lifestyle, cultural architecture, temples, deities, and the original fabric of Sanatana Hindu Dharma has been diluted, lost, and destroyed by the foreign invaders’ systematic attempts to rule over Vedic India. Although most of our scripture was set ablaze, there is still a significantly small percentage of what we once had, existing in various parts of the world.