Department of Education
01 November, 2021

Hinduismpedia is a simple humble hard work organized and presented related to the Hindu scriptures available on the planet earth, digitally in multiple languages, authentic translation as it is without any manipulation, interpretation. All the Hindu scriptures from Vedas, Agamas, Puranas, smritis, dharmashastras, the books written by the acharyas, commentaries, bhashyas, tikas, vartikas, everything available on the planet earth, all the sourcebooks of Hinduism, commentaries on Hindu sourcebooks, everything available on planet earth as of now, we are collecting archiving, time capsule, organizing and making it available to the whole world. Organizing and presenting all the Hindu scriptures available on the planet earth Digitally in multiple languages.

KDE has made great strides in expanding opportunities for people of all backgrounds and aims to bring out the voice of the Truth that vibrated in the Ganges-Sarasvati civilization in the Vedic times through the spiritual and humanitarian initiative. “Hinduism Time Capsule”, specifically designed for capturing Hindu administration, Hindu history, Hindu cosmology, Hindu astrology, Hindu physics, Hindu chemistry, Hindu biology, and even anti-Hindu literature. Hinduismpedia thrives on bringing authentic knowledge repositories on Hinduism, which will scrutinize Shastra Pramana, Apta Pramana, etc. Hinduismpedia is an effort to organize, publish, preserve, teach, and spread the Shastras.

Thus, KDE established Hindusimpedia to empower all families—of all races, backgrounds with the freedom to access the knowledge repositories of Hinduism digitally and the resources they need to enhance and advance their spiritual growth in compliance with the updated technology of today’s world. In KAILASA, more freedom leads to more access to required, necessary knowledge on our ancient narrative and scriptures.