Department of Education

तस्माच्छास्त्रं प्रमाणं ते कार्याकार्यव्यवस्थितौ |
ज्ञात्वा शास्त्रविधानोक्तं कर्म कर्तुमिहार्हसि || 24 ||

tasmāch chhāstraṁ pramāṇaṁ te kāryākārya-vyavasthitau
jñātvā śhāstra-vidhānoktaṁ karma kartum ihārhasi

‘Therefore let the scriptures be the authority in determining what ought to be done and what ought not to be done; having known what is said in the ordinance of the scriptures, thou should act here in this world.”

~ 6th Chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, 24th Shloka

KAILASA’s Department of Education provides free equal access to education for all to enhance human development and well-being. The Department of Education promotes, administers, and coordinates assistance related to education, oversees the implementation, execution of Hindu education policies across KAILASA around the world. The Department of Education fosters educational excellence through the revival of the voluminous repository of ancient human knowledge and expertise, in various fields such as state policies, politics & statecraft, law, banking & accounting, architecture & civil engineering, performing arts, medicine, surgery, botany, chemistry and metallurgy, music, agriculture, astrology, shipbuilding, manufacturing, food sciences, and more. Our objective is to enhance the well-being of learners and seekers of true knowledge by providing excellent standards of Vedic education, training, and care.



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Executive Department

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What we do

Our Vision

KED envisages having presence across the globe as the largest spiritual knowledge source on Hinduism, spiritually governed with the life positive, all-inclusive, universal policies sourced from Hinduism and transmit hindu educational excellence, its philosophy, methodology, knowledge and technique to one and all.

Our Strategic Goals

  • Provide free, equitable and high-quality early learning and child care to support & raise standards of every child to evolve as strong leaders. 
  • Provide equitable training, skills, and higher education including persons with disabilities and indigenous peoples that enables participation in the workforce, community, and society.
  • Ensuring people have the opportunity to upskill or reskill to find or advance in their chosen fields
  • Build and upgrade education and research facilities that enable equal access to facilitate the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people through fostering high-quality local services non-violent, inclusive, and effective learning transmission systems.
  • Provide educational grants for students, institutes, and other affiliated supporting bodies to promote and evolve strong Vedic education transmission systems
  • Expand in number of qualified personnel and support structure to drive the teaching goals as per the mandate
  • Drive economic growth by improving proficiency, increasing productivity, and supporting people through Vedic Education

      Our Responsibilities

      • Develop and implement Vedic education-based policies and programs to support early years learning for children and families through initiatives such as eN-Parenting, eN-genius, and E-gurukuls
      • Develop and publish pedagogy and teaching modules and resources based on Vedic education for children between the ages of 7-21
      • Set assessment, evaluation, and reporting standards and guidelines all for all students attending Vedic schools and universities of KAILASA
      • Oversee and set policies administrating provincial assessments to help improve seekers learning Vedic arts & Sciences
      • Set requirements for student diplomas and certificates.
      • Operate schools for accommodating seekers of disability.
      • Educate youth on the right to free education in terms of availability, accessibility, acceptability, and quality educational facilities and tools and ancient knowledge transferring institutes like KAILASA’s Gurukul
      • Provide funding to build new Gurukuls, Hindu Universities & Libraries and expand, retrofit or repair existing Gurukuls, Hindu Universities & Libraries.
      • Oversee & inspect the functions of existing Gurukuls, Hindu Universities & Librarie.
      • Commence a global initiative under the international humanitarian agency structure of ‘Yellow Om’ to bring awareness to the millions of scriptures with the assistance of online and offline resources in all defacto embassies of KAILASA, its monasteries, franchisee campuses, Hindu Universities, and schools.
      • Collaborate, partner, evolving world’s largest archival record of indigenous studies with various publishers and educational institutes around the world in the field of health care, economy, religion, humanitarian, and medicine.
      • Collect, share and spread the largest archival records of Hinduphobia ‘hate literature’ with relevant evidence of systematic state-sponsored persecution of minority indigenous religious sects to destroy the ancient indigenous knowledge repositories.
      • Host libraries and institutions of indigenous scriptures all around the world that have the largest collection of ancient texts on religion, spirituality, and knowledge of several extinct indigenous Hindu sciences.
      • Organize, preserve, time-capsule, decode, and finally make several of these sacred scriptures freely available and easily accessible through the internet on various social media platforms, video conferencing platforms, and other innovative technologies to personalize the experience.
      • Oversee the functions of KAILASA’s Jnanalaya, Nithyananda Hindu University & Nithyananda Rajavidya Gurukul.
      • Establish an Internet-based Sarvajnapeetha (Think Tank of Hinduism) called the Antharjaala SarvjanPeetha (a subsectional dial-in/email feature under KAILASA’s Hinduismpedia), for the combined vision of ​​a globally accessible library- Vaidika Grantha Samadhi.

            Our Service Pledge

            KED shall ensure fair access to Vedic education is provided to all of humanity and restore the advanced Vedic civilization to its full glory

            KED shall abide by Paramashiva’s economic policy of free education – laid down in the Veda-Āgamas, providing the educational services of KAILASA free of charge.

            KED shall collect and make available the 20 million source scriptures to facilitate superconscious breakthrough to all beings

            KED shall enrich and empower the Hindu diaspora with the Vedic Education

            Department Structure

            Office of Primary Education & Literacy Education

            The Office of Primary Education & Literacy Education promotes the rights and wellbeing of every child towards conscious education. Kailasa’s Office of  Primary Education & Literacy Education ensures the implementation of the Vedic education policies in the primary education sector and ensures equal primary Vedic educational opportunity for all students, regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age through KAILASA’s Raja Vidya Gurukul. In compliance with the economic principle of “free education”, KAILASA’s Office of Primary Education & Literacy Education shall ensure premium Vedic education of the modern world and the education of the inner world is made available to them free of charge.

            • To revive, restore and promote transmission-based empowering education system to children.
            • To reach out the benefits of this transmission-based education system to all children and empower children of low-income families, have disabilities or developmental delays, are educationally disadvantaged and those affected by domestic and sexual violence, those who are affected by environmental degradation through various schemes and programs.
            • To provide and support various schemes that empower and ensure primary education for girls as a priority development project for healthier, intelligent participation and strive towards building a better future for themselves and the world.
            • To promote and support the rights of children to grow in a healthier and protective environment where their innocence and adolescence are nurtured and their potential is explored.
            • To generate a strong track record of children who voice and exhibit global leadership towards reviving ancient scientific methodologies of conscious and holistic living of Hinduism.
            • Enhance the achievement and the quality of educational programs of primary and secondary students through the Vedic Curriculum.
            • Support equal access to services to help every child achieve.
            • Advance educational improvement through the implementation of Vedic educational policies at the State and local levels, and provide financial assistance to local Gurukulams.
            • We work with 150 countries and their related territories to translate the vision of The SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam to revive the transmission-based education systems in children that empower kids to learn through visualization techniques, accessing knowledge through innate human potential called Shaktis and other time tested techniques of Hinduism.

            KAILASA’s Nithyananda Raja Vidya Gurukul

            The non-involving narrative style in today’s education system is responsible for students developing many phobias, psychological disorders, problems, and deep insecurity about life. The original education system revolved around the Guru (teacher and mentor) and the student living under the same roof enabling the student to witness and mirror the neurons of the Guru handling life ranging from success to pressure to compassion and wisdom.

            Basic tools to awaken knowledge are taught to the gurukul balasanths (child saints). Then the balasanths are left free to explore on their own. Gurukuls operate from the right to explore the highest possible creativity in oneself. Gurukuls are like an embankment for the wild river to flow and explore the multidimensional possibilities of the brain and enable access to multi-dimensions of the Universe.

            However, In 1832, the colonial government conducted a massive study in strategizing and understanding the Vedic Hindu education system. The invaders employed various methods to dilute and corrupt the ancient Vedic Hindu education system, the Gurukul education system, the core of Sanatana Hindu Dharma as it was the knowledge transmission system keeping one generation after the other equipped with the ways of Hinduism. Strategic planning to destroy the ancient Gurukul education system over years facilitated the replacement of the modern Education Act in 1835, thus, expunging the last of Hindu educational systems.

            The Hindu Holocaust is both historical and ongoing religious persecution and systematic violence, in various forms including Hindu phobia, forced conversions, demolitions, desecration, and grabbing of worship temples and monasteries, looting of Hindu temples properties, destruction of Hindu educational institutions, elimination of well known Hindu libraries, the gross violation to the freedom to practice the Hindu school of liberated thinking (Sankhya), Hindu schools of living enlightenment (Jeevan Mukthi).

            Although Gurukuls witnessed unimaginable tragedies during the foreign invasion, our ancestors preserved and retained the fundamental principles of the Gurukul system and its inclusive, holistic and liberating nature of knowledge transmission. The ancient Gurukul system was an enlightenment-centric educational ecosystem that created and sustained the enlightened civilization of Sanatana Hindu Dharma.

            In 2006, the reviver of KAILASA, The SPH, Nithyananda Paramashivam laid the foundational bricks to the  KAILASA’s Rajavidya Gurukul to revive the glory of Sanatana Hindu Dharma through the creation of new species of humans who are equipped, trained, and carry the ancient knowledge to enlighten the world.

            KAILASA’s Nithyananda Rajavidya Gurukul is an educational institute that empowers and meets the diverse needs of every generation through technical and financial assistance. KAILASA’s Nithyananda Gurukul is a place where the celebration begins with the right words in the blossoming minds creating a gateway of possibilities. Creating an enlightened civilization with a yogic body and a Vedic mind. A mystical Vedic school that is more of a ‘transmission of knowledge, rather than a mere ‘transfer’ of knowledge.

            The Gurukul functions according to the vision of The SPH, Nithyananda Paramashivam that education is for life, but life itself is not for education. By breaking restrictive patterns and making one manifest the ultimate reality is Paramashiva’s education. At the gurukul apart from having the ability to live an extraordinary life with these powers, students are also trained to be able to handle any situation that life puts down in front of them. Every aspect of the student’s life from the food to the cognition’s they hold about life is aligned according to the Vedas and Agamas in order to make them into world leaders.


            Create an enlightened generation


            It is the Mission of Kailasa’s Nithyananda Rajavidya Gurukul to establish a new species of the third eye awakened humans. With an intention to cultivate a powerful, intelligent, and gifted society to create a strong foundation for humanity to evolve, KAILASA’s Nithyananda Rajavidya Gurukul aims to revive the science of superconscious breakthrough and creates, develops, and empower unique new species of children who can express extraordinary powers as prescribed in ancient scriptures of Hinduism. It is Mission Kailasa’s Nithyananda Rajavidya Gurukul to create billions of superhumans who can expand their consciousness by will and access all the 11 multi-dimensions of the universe. It’s education that makes one a mystical being.


            Office of Postsecondary Education

            The Office of Postsecondary Education develops Vedic programs to increase access to postsecondary education. Our office works with several accreditation agencies and Vedic accredited universities to ensure higher educational Vedic institutions deliver quality education.

            Nithyananda Hindu University

            KAILASA’s Nithyananda University remains committed to bringing the best of the most ancient living spiritual tradition, Sanatana Hindu Dharma to the world, glorifying and re-establishing the Vedic Enlightenment-based Civilization. KAILASA’s Nithyananda University draws inspiration from the millennia-old Vedic tradition of ancient India, the oldest living stream of transformational science in the world today. The pragmatic Vedic civilization is credited with many significant ‘firsts’ in the fields of yoga, medicine, astronomy, economics, mathematics, and navigation, among others. Reinterpreting Vedic wisdom in the light of modern life and needs, KAILASA’s Nithyananda University creates the space for the powerful transformation of the individual and the community, guiding over 20 million Hindus, through over 5992 courses, 600 campuses, and satellite campuses in 64 countries.

            Mission Statement

            Nithyananda Hindu University is committed to delivering the wisdom of the Vedas and teaching the science of enlightenment, enriching the masses in all dimensions of their lives.

            NHU aspires to inspire, educate and empower people worldwide to live the Vedic truths through KAILASA’s Nithyananda University’s free course offerings, workshops, training programs, initiatives abroad, and scientific research.


            • Give the masses an experiential understanding of the Science of Enlightenment
            • Eradicate ignorance by teaching the concept of Advaitic Oneness
            • Establish yogic science laboratories and research institutes


            KAILASA's Education Commission

            In accordance with the Vedic Qualifications framework, KAILASA’s Education Commission oversees academic accreditation for Vedic academic institutes and individuals. KAILASA’s Education Commission came into existence on 14th April, 2001 and became a statutory body of the KAILASA by an Act of Education for accreditation of various schools, education agencies, higher education institutions and universities to offer conscious education including content, teaching methodologies, examination, research and training. KAILASA’s Education Commission integrates all Vedic academic programs and professional disciplines. Accredited Vedic institutes and programs provide students, parents, advisors, and employers with the assurance that the degree programs meet the international standards specified and outlined.

            The KAILASA’s Education Commission provides the accreditation license to successful applications that have implemented the standards of quality and policy set by the commission. The KAILASA’s Education Commission has an advisory role in affiliating educational bodies promoting Vedic education and conscious living. The KAILASA’s Education Commission recommends a tribunal action against the affiliated educational bodies of the State of KAILASA for any practice, protocol, technique, or requirement not being implemented or altered from the original vision of The SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam. KAILASA’s Education Commission offers information about the Vedic education system in other countries in order to promote Vedic qualifications internationally.

            Mission Statement

            KAILASA’s Education Commission  ensures that all accredited institutes adhere to the predetermined standards aimed towards academic excellence

            Key Departmental Initiatives

            Nithyananda Jnanalaya

            KAILASA’s Nithyananda Hindu Library (Jnanalaya) is a critical part of KAILASA’s mission towards providing all the knowledge-related services including creating libraries, free access to knowledge sciences through these libraries to humanity. KDE aims to preserve these ancient knowledge repository systems and will be providing knowledge assistance to yogic, ayurvedic solutions and medical care based on Hindu yogic sciences, Hindu medicine science as it gives hope and strength, especially to the weakest and most vulnerable sections of the society.

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            The history of Hinduism is the most valuable treasure for civilizations to come as well as humanity. Hinduism is advanced in every field known to society, such as but not limited to science, poetry, medicine, law and justice, arts, business, literature, grammar, mathematics, philosophy, the ancient science of power manifestation, and ultimately the spiritual truths of the Self, that were lived and practiced by our ancestors. Ancient Hindus showcased extreme resilience and continued to protect...

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            Hinduismpedia is a simple humble hard work organized and presented related to the Hindu scriptures available on the planet earth, digitally in multiple languages, authentic translation as it is without any manipulation, interpretation.

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            KAILASA’s Nithyanandapedia is an effort to capture all the Hindu knowledge and expressions shared by me, the living representation of Paramaśiva. The formless captured in form.

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            Department in Action

            Press Releases

            International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste

            KAILASA in collaboration with the international humanitarian agency Green OM & Red OM has taken the responsibility to educate one and all on the urgent requirement of efficient management of global food systems on the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste – 2021 through a number of initiatives.

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            Celebrating International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies

            KAILASA celebrates the International day of clean air for blue skies (7 September 2021) to mark the humanitarian response to environmental protection through its International humanitarian agency – GREEN OM prioritising the need for ‘Healthy air- Healthy planet’ by collectively promoting sustainable green practices as per Ved-Agamas to control the impacts of air pollution since its genesis and particularly during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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            Know Your Glory

            It is largely known fact that most of the Hindus do not know their history. It is under valued and in most cases,...

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